PICTURES: More than 6,000 flights cancelled in America

PICTURES: More than 6,000 flights cancelled in America

Snow has started to fall in Washington, DC where citizens of the nation’s capital have been urged to return home and hunker down for a weekend-long storm. With more than two feet of snow predicted for Washington alone, the federal government and schools have been closed, thousands of flights cancelled and a state of emergency declared across the region.

The National Weather Service says Washington could get as much as 30 inches of snow by the time the storm ends Sunday, likely breaking the current record set during the January 1922 Knickerbocker blizzard, when 28 inches covered DC. That blizzard was named after the tragedy at the Crandall’s Knickerbocker Theater where 98 people were killed and 133 injured due to a roof collapse.

According to airline tracking service FlightAware, airlines have canceled more than 5,000 flight within, into or out of the US. More than 2,500 flights were canceled on Friday, and roughly the same number have been canceled for Saturday.

  • Experts say the nation’s capital could be hit with 30 inches of snow – beating the record 28 inches set in 1922
  • As of Friday, 85 million people were under blizzard or winter storm warnings
  • With the capital in the bulls-eye, the federal government shuttered at noon and will remain closed on Monday
  • Twelve to 18 inches of snow is also predicted for Philadelphia and eight to 12 inches was expected in New York
  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared a state of emergency in the city starting at 8am Saturday morning
  • More than 6,000 flights have already been cancelled for Friday and Saturday
  • Five people have been killed, in car accidents caused by the icy roads in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee

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Source : AP

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