PICTURES: Meet The World’s Most Dangerous Road

PICTURES: Meet The World’s Most Dangerous Road

The D915 Road, located in Turkey’s northernBlack Sea province of Trabzon and Bayburt, is one of the most challenging roads in the world. The road links Of, a town in Trabzon and Bayburt, a city in northeast Turkey lying on the Çoruh River.

The road is extreme, bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters of unprotected by guardrails and has a length of 106 kilometers with 29 steep hairpins. At Soğanlı Dağı, the road climbs up an elevation of 2,035 meters above sea level.This extreme road was built in 1916 by Russian soldiers.

  • The Bayburt D915 Road is 66 miles long with 29 hairpin bends and no railings to prevent cars plunging over edges
  • Parts of the petrifying road are routinely closed off to the public in wintertime due to snow blizzards and ice
  • According to, the twisting, high-up route beats the infamous Death Road in Bolivia for riskiness

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