PICTURES: Meet the Indian woman who eats 1KG of SAND every day

Sudama Devi first tried sand when she was 10 for a dare - but now she can't stop eating it...

PICTURES: Meet the Indian woman who eats 1KG of SAND every day

INDIA: Locals in India say Sudama Devi first munched sand for a joke with friends when she was just ten-years-old but now eats up to a kilogram of the stuff everyday. They say they watch as the villager from Kajri Noorpur has a plate of grit four times a day and thanks to her unusual habit she has never had to visit a doctor or feel hunger.

According to local people she says she “loves sand like sugar” and is the only person in her family with the bizarre eating habit. Apparently Sudama, a mother of four, even claims she had sand for dinner following her wedding to husband Krishan Kumar.

Sudama said: “I eat sand daily, about one kilogram and three or four times in a day. “I never feel sick but without eating sand I do not feel hunger. “My economical condition is not good but I am fond of eating a good and healthy diet. I eat sand but it is not like a food.

“When I was a child my friends bet with me that can you eat sand. The first time I tried and I felt good. After that I ate it like a routine diet.”

One local in the village said: “She said that she eats about one kilogram of sand daily and she is fully physically fit. She has no disease in her body. Doctor’s are shocked that Sudama does not suffer any serious illness as a result of her bizarre diet, and her fitness remains a deep mystery.

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