PICTURES: Meet The Baristas Who Serve Drinks Wearing Just Bikini

PICTURES: Meet The Baristas Who Serve Drinks Wearing Just Bikini

A coffee shop in Washington has been luring customers with its a very controversial unique selling point – a bikini dress code for staff. Bikini Beans Espresso, which also has branches in Arizona, employs baristas to make coffee in bikinis or underwear, while some have opted for just strategically-placed stickers to preserve their modesty. The shop, owned by entrepreneur Carlie Jo, has been a huge success, earning a five-star rating on Yelp and tens of thousands of followers on its social media accounts. On its website, the coffee chain proudly proclaims: ‘As the first bikini barista shop in Arizona, we want to empower women to be, and feel good about, themselves.

  • Bikini Beans Espresso is a huge success thanks to its bikini dress code
  • The stand has a five-star rating on Yelp and thousands of social media followers
  • But councilor in Washington has accused the chain of exploiting women

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