PICTURES: Is this the iPhone 7c?

PICTURES: Is this the iPhone 7c?

The first mockups of the smaller iPhone Apple is expected to unveil in March have been revealed. Experts say the phone will have the same rounded design as the larger 6s – but the colourful appearance of the iPod touch, as shown in these mockups from 9to5Mac.

According to a recent leak from China Mobile, it could go on sale in March. In a presentation outlining its 2016 roadmap, China Mobile showed a slide that revealed an iPhone 7c will launch in March. This is the first time this name has been used for the upcoming, smaller device.

It has previously been referred to as the iPhone 6c. It is the same presentation during which the operator leaked the similar release date of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and the translation has been verified by Chinese website MyDrivers, as spotted by 9to5Mac.


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