PICTURES: Couple being brutally stoned to death for ‘fornication’ by ISIS militants in Iraq

ISIS jihadis accused the couple of having sex without being married...

PICTURES: Couple being brutally stoned to death for ‘fornication’ by ISIS militants in Iraq

Gruesome new images have emerged showing Islamic State militants stoning a man a woman to death in Iraq after they were accused of having sex without being married. Taken in the ISIS-stronghold of Mosul in Nineveh province, the shocking images show a large crowd gathered to watch the jihadis murder the defenceless couple. Young boys clamber onto their fathers’ shoulders to get a better view of the man and woman being charged with ‘fornication’, before the familiar white-bearded face of ISIS’s elderly Mosul-based executioner-in-chief Abu Ansar al-Ansari orders their stoning to death.

The sickening images begin by showing a large crowd gathered in a rain-drenched square in central Mosul. With heavily armed militants taking up positions on ledges overlooking the crowd, the young men and boys jostle to ensure they get the best view of the murder In the background of the image, women wearing black niqabs are seen gathered together.

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Source : PTI

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