PARIS ATTACK: No Sri Lankan Tamil among casualties

PARIS ATTACK: No Sri Lankan Tamil among casualties

No Sri Lankan Tamil has been identified yet among the casualties of the deadly Paris terror attacks, Sri Lankan embassy tweeted on Saturday.

Today morning Sri Lankan embassy in Paris has told us that there has been no report of any Sri Lankan Tamils death or injury in the deadly Paris attacks on Friday night.

Sri Lankan Deputy Ambassador to France, Nazeer Majeed, said, “So far there has been no report of any casualty. We have kept the embassy phone lines open all through the night. Nobody called us seeking help. We hope that all Sri Lankans are safe, since the embassy staff was not allowed to go out due to restrictions imposed by French authorities, we don’t have a ground report and there is no independent way of finding it out”.

The ministry also said that Sri Lankans in Paris who need assistance could contact Col. Nazeer Majeed via +33620505232 or Deputy Chief of Mission Ms. Gunasekera via +33677048117

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