Pakistani girl, 6, murdered after rape attempt

Pakistani girl, 6, murdered after rape attempt

A six-year-old girl has been found dead in a garbage heap in Pakistan. The girl was strangled after her killer allegedly tried to rape her, the police report said. The victim, Sahar Batool, lived in Baluchistan’s city of Quetta and belonged to the Hazara minority, composed mainly of Shiite Muslims.
“It is a heinous crime and police are making all out efforts to solve it,” the Inspector General of Police for Baluchistan, Amlash Khan, said.

He added that potential suspects were being questioned. “There were a lot of bruises on the girl’s body that shows that attempts were made to rape her,” he continued. Sahar’s parents told AFP: “We have no enmity with anyone.

“On the day it happened Sahar went to throw out the rubbish close to the house but did not come back, I went out in search of her, but could not find her.” A neighbour alerted the girl’s parents after spotting the body of Sahar at the dump.

The parents are now demanding that the “beast” who killed her daughter be brought to justice. Sahar’s murder follows the killing of a Christian couple, who were brutally beaten and burned alive in the Punjab region for allegedly desecrating the Koran.

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