Omiya – TeeJay

After the stupendous success of “Mutthu Mutthu and AAsai” Ribelstar records are back with single OMIYA, a pleasing melody composed by Princeten Charles and sung by a very talented and handsome singer Teejay. Teejay’s voice is so distinguishable that he will find himself in a similar league with some of his previous albums, so expectations were definitely high from this single after tremendous success of  “Mutthu Mutthu and AAsai”.

However lyrics could have been better as when you hear the name of the song OMIYA, you would expect a super powerful romantic lines as his previous tracks and all Teejay’s previous songs have super romantic feel and we expected the same from this single. All in all the screen presence of  TeeJay & Vishny  is the only saving grace.

So lets check out the song and see if the song impresses us or not.


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