OMG! Mother in China wont let firefighters break the window of her BMW to save her child

OMG! Mother in China wont let firefighters break the window of her BMW to save her child

In china, a woman reportedly left her son to faint in the intolerable heat inside a locked BMW, lest her car windows be smashed to pieces.

According to a CCTV news report, a woman in China’s Yiwu refused that firefighters should break into her BMW even as her three-year-old son lay trapped inside the locked car.

A huge crowd gathered around the car as the baby kept shrieking out for help, clawing at the car window, however the mother stood nearby, insisting that the vehicle should not be harmed.

Ignoring the advise of the crowd and the firefighters and the cries of her son, the woman kept waiting for the locksmith.

However, as the child’s condition began to worsen, the firefighters did not care about the mother’s decision and anyway broke into the car and rescued the child.

“It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life,” an online news website quoted a firefighter as saying.

The incident has triggered outrage on social media with many taking to Twitter to condemn the horrible act of the Chinese woman.

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