I Did Not Diet or Exercise for Baywatch: Priyanka Chopra

Baywatch hits theaters this Friday.

I Did Not Diet or Exercise for Baywatch: Priyanka Chopra

The actress plays a high-fashion, cut-throat “power chick” in the new film — and that meant a pass on the series’ iconic red swimsuits.

“You need to be on a diet of, like, one olive,” she says with a laugh of her costars’ discipline. “I’m not like that as a person, you know? I like my food.” During shooting, “I could sit and eat whatever I wanted while everyone else was going to the gym.”

Besides, “I got to wear couture and heels on the beach,” adds Chopra, 34, whose ABC drama Quantico was just renewed for a third season. “It’s so absurd that it’s fabulous.”

And the heels served another purpose, too: “I asked for the highest of heels, because I couldn’t be looking at Dwayne [“The Rock” Johnson] from down here and threatening him, right? I mean, I needed to look in his eyes.”

Source : PTI

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