Next-generation all-in-one smart gun for armed forces unveiled

Next-generation all-in-one smart gun for armed forces unveiled

A new next-generation all-in-one smart gun for armed forces has recently been unveiled, it has been reported. The jointly developed weapon between Colt and Defence Research and Development Canada could be the gun our soldiers fight with in the future, reported. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but it’s being touted as the gun that can do it all, and has been in development since 2009. It’s designed in the NATO standard “bullpup” style, where the ammunition magazine is placed at the back of the weapon, rather than the front.

This was similar to how Australia’s current weapon of choice, the F88 Austeyr was designed. Like the Austeyr, it also fires the same NATO standard 5.56mm caliber bullets. On the top of the barrel, soldiers can attach either a 12-gauge shotgun or a grenade-launcher capable of holding up to three rounds at a time. The most advanced part, however, was that the gun would include networking abilities that would allow it to receive data from back at base as well as the ability to find, aim and shoot at a target all by itself.

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