New car technology that could put an end to speeding fines

Intelligent Speed Limiter automatically adjusts speed of car to maximum speed limits...

Ford has unveiled a new technology built into its new lineups that could practically put an end to over speeding fines. That’s for those who accidentally over speed. The new Intelligent Speed Limiter as Ford calls it automatically adjusts the speed of the car to the maximum speed limits rather than waiting for the driver to manually do so. While several alert systems currently being used alert the driver when the car is speeding, the Ford system goes ahead and does the task on its own.

The system does not apply a sudden brake to limit the speed, rather it adjusts the fuel injection to the vehicle. The system controls speed using engine torque by electronically adjusting the amount of fuel delivered rather than applying the brakes. In case the vehicle overruns the speed limit, when it is going downhill for example, an acoustic warning is triggered. The system monitors road signs with a camera mounted on the windscreen, and slows the vehicle as required. As the speed limit rises, the system allows the driver to accelerate up to the set speed – providing it does not exceed the new limit.


Source : PTI

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