WATCH: NASA claims to have discovered Hell

WATCH: NASA claims to have discovered Hell

The mysterious planet Cancri 55 e has an atmosphere of hydrogen cyanide – a chemical weapon used by the Nazis during World War 2 – and a surface temperature of 2,000C. Space boffins believe it is made of carbon and its internal pressure is powerful enough that its core is one huge diamond.

NASA has created a cool animation based on recent observations to show what the so-called “exoplanet” – a planet outside our solar system – might look like. The planet – also known as Janssen – orbits a Sun-like star 40 light years away named 55 Cancri A.

It is “tidally locked” with its mother star – meaning the same face is always pointed towards the fireball, just as same face of the Moon always looks towards Earth. This means one side is like a roaring inferno – and the other is shrouded in eternal darkness. NASA posted a “selfie” of the hellish world on its Instagram account (who knew).

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