Myuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan including six persons executed by firing (Videos, Photos)

Myuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan including six persons executed by firing (Videos, Photos)

Myuran Sukumaran, Andrew Chan including six persons accused in drug trafficking case was executed by firing squad on Nusakambangan Island in Java, Indonesia. The advocate who fought for them released few truth related to Chan and Myuran in twitter.

UntitledDespite of pleading to forgive the sentence to the Indonesian government by World leaders, UN Officials, the Australian authorities, the Philippine authorities, relatives, and all the kind-hearted people, the Indonesian government persistently ignored and provided the most horrible punishment. They were sentenced to death and Mary Jane Veloso the nineth culprit from the Philippines was spared at the last minute.

On Tuesday the woman who recruited Veloso for that job, Maria Kristina Sergio, “voluntarily surrendered” to police in the Philippine province of Nueva Ecija. So in the end her execution was halted. An intervention by the Philippine president, Benigno Aquino raised hopes that his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo, might be sympathetic to her case. However, the attorney general said the execution would go ahead.

The other accused were from Sri Lankan with Australian citizenship, Indonesia, Nigeria and Brazil. Even after Australian government issuing warning against execution of Myuran and Chan, the Indonesia government went forward and executed them.



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