Missing AirAsia flight: More than 40 bodies and debris found at crash site

Missing AirAsia flight: More than 40 bodies and debris found at crash site

At least 40 bodies and debris from the missing AirAsia passenger jet have been found by search and rescue teams. Families wept uncontrollably and one man collapsed as distressing images of bodies floating in the Java Sea were broadcast on Indonesian television.

A shadow has also been spotted on the sea bed – thought to be no more than 30metres deep – believed to be the main fuselage of the Airbus 320. CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes said his heart is “filled with sadness” following the devastating news as he heads to a crisis centre in Surabaya.

Pictures of what is believed to be a plane door, life jacket and emergency exit where spotted 105 miles off the coast of Pangkalanbun, Indonesia, earlier this morning. A helicopter was sent in to take a closer look and bodies were discovered.

Three have been recovered and are being brought back to land. The Indonesia Navy later said a ship on the scene has found at least 40 bodies in the sea. The developments came during the third day of the search for the vanished jetliner.

Ships and aircraft from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia are scouring the Java Sea for any trace of the AirAsia plane, which disappeared on Saturday with 162 people on board. Weather conditions were poor in the Java Sea when the aircraft disappeared. Jusuf Kalla added: “The government is concerned and expresses its deepest condolences to the families of victims.”

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