Miracle: Indian Man Saves Dog From Python

Indian dog owner saves his animal from being crushed by a python by beating the giant snake off with a stick.

This dog looks like it is fast on its way to becoming a hungry python’s next meal – until its owner steps in to save its life. Totally immobilised in the clutches of a giant snake in Karnataka, India, the unlucky mutt is going nowhere as the slithering reptile begins to crush its prey to death. But then help arrives – just in the nick of time. The dog’s heroic owner – who has not been named – films the rescue operation and starts hitting the python with a large branch.

And the act works, as the stunned python begins uncoiling, allowing the dog to wriggle free. Incredibly, as the snake slowly slithers away into undergrowth, the dog can be heard barking off camera. Local media reports suggested the dog was totally fine and suffered no lasting effects of the attack.