Microsoft Cortana now available for iOS, Android

Microsoft Cortana now available for iOS, Android

Microsoft has announced that the final version of Cortana, its personal digital assistant, can now be found in the App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android). For the moment, it’s only available in China and the US.

Just like with Office, Microsoft wants to make its digital assistant a cross-platform must-have app. That’s why it has rolled it out for both Android and iOS.

It’s worth noting that the versions for Android and iOS are different from the original and some features are therefore likely to be limited. As always, Cortana finds itself up against tough competition from personal digital assistants — namely Google Now and Apple’s Siri — offering more or less the same services.

The Cortana app is still available in beta version for Android for anyone who wants to test it. The test version of Cortana for iOS is only accessible to members of the Windows Insider program (a community of Windows innovation testers).

In December 2015, in the US only, owners of a OnePlus One, which operates using the Cyanogen OS, will also be able to access this final version. This marks the beginning of an unexpected new collaboration with the publisher of this alternative mobile operating system.

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