MH370: Missing Malaysia Airlines plane ‘nosedived into Indian Ocean’

MH370: Missing Malaysia Airlines plane ‘nosedived into Indian Ocean’

A new computer model created by a leading maths professor has emerged suggesting how the Boeing 777 plunged vertically into the sea – eventually reaching the ocean floor.

The plane – which mysteriously vanished with 239 people on board in March last year – is still being searched for by authorities. But Dr Goong Chen, an applied mathematician at Texas A&M University, believes he knows what happened. His team of experts came to the final computer model after testing five different possible scenarios including the plane gliding across the water before sinking.

With a lack of debris and spilled oil, the team concluded that the plane’s disappearance must have been because the jet made a vertical “water entry”. The researchers found the 90 degree entry was the only suitable solution that created limited pressure to leave no evidence of a crash.

Dr Chen said: “The true final moments of MH370 are likely to remain a mystery until someday when its black box is finally recovered and decoded.

“But forensics strongly supports that MH370 plunged into the ocean in a nosedive.” Australian authorities suggested that the current search area would not be expanded if the aircraft is not found.

But the Malaysian government were quick to reassure family members last week that all would be done to find the plane. And rumours emerged that the search area – which was confirmed six months ago – could be doubled in time.

It emerged last month that an unchartered shipwreck was found in the search – initially giving hope to millions around the world. Speaking in May, Peter Foley, the ATSB’s Director of the Operational Search For Flight 370, said: “It’s a fascinating find, but it’s not what we’re looking for.

“We’re not pausing in the search for MH370, in fact the vessels have already moved on to continue the mission.”

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