MH370: Chinese families hold protest against Malaysian Govt

MH370: Chinese families hold protest against Malaysian Govt

Beijing: Relatives of 153 Chinese passengers aboard missing flight MH370 held a demonstration before the Malaysian Embassy here for the second day on Friday, accusing the Malaysian government of trying to close the case by claiming that wreckage found on a French Indian Ocean island was from the plane.

The Chinese Police closed the road where the Malaysian and Indian Embassies are located as groups of relatives were allowed to do a sit in protest near the Malaysian mission, expressing their resentment over the Malaysian government’s “eagerness to close the case” even though the fate of the 239 passengers is not known.

It is very rare for Chinese government, which prohibits public protests to permit the relatives to continue to hold the demonstrations.

The relatives demanded Malaysian Airlines to fly them to Reunion Island in France, where a wing part, which Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said came from the Boeing 777 aircraft, was washed ashore.

The Malaysia Airlines flight, with 239 people — including 153 Chinese citizens — on board, vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March last year, and authorities said it went down in the southern Indian Ocean.

On July 29, a piece of plane wreckage was found on Reunion Island, a volcanic island near Madagascar, roughly 3,700 kilometres from the broad expanse of the southern Indian Ocean off Australia where search efforts have focused.

The Chinese government yesterday requested that Malaysia continue to investigate the cause of the accident, provide the families with necessary help and uphold their lawful rights and interests.

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