Mexican drug lord El Chapo escaped again?

Mexican drug lord El Chapo escaped again?

The 61-year-old Mexican was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder and drug trafficking in 1993. But after paying off guards in 2001, he was able to escape the maximum-security prison he was being held in. The US government offered a $5million reward to find the fugitive, who became known as one of the world’s most wanted men.

In 2014, he was found holed up in Mexico where he was captured and put back in prison, where he escaped again – this time through a tunnel. He was recaptured once again in a shootout in January earlier this year. But today, rumours have spread across social media of the Mexican cartel gangster breaking out from behind bars once again.

The infamous criminal’s name began trending on Twitter after rumours he had escaped for the third time. El Chapo is currently said to be awaiting to be extradited for crimes in the US.

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