Maybach Exelero: The Most Expensive Car In The World

Maybach Exelero ($8.0M) a 700-hp, twin-turbo V12 and about 6,000 lbs.

Maybach Exelero: The Most Expensive Car In The World

As the most expensive Maybach vehicle, the ever so sleek Exelero is unique and at the pinnacle of luxury. Its 700-horsepower, 6-litre twin-turbo V-12 engine can produce a ravaging top speed of 218 miles per hour and hit 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds.

Another special aspect of this car is its Fulda Tires, which can withstand the high-performance drive. This modern concept was inspired by its legendary predecessor, a smooth-running sports car of the 1930’s. Driving it is not just about the speed and its performance, however, but also about the exclusive experience one has driving it.

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