Married for seven years, woman discovers husband is her brother!

Married for seven years, woman discovers husband is her brother!

BRAZIL, Sao Paulo: In a strange twist of fate, a woman who wanted to find her mother, ended up learning a weird truth – that she also had a brother and that he was none other than the man whom she was married to. The uncomfortable revelation for the couple – Adriana, 39 and Leandro, 37 came on a Brazilian radio station named Globo radio that specialises in finding lost relatives. Adriana and Leandro are now married for last seven years and they have a six-year old daughter.

“What would you do? Woman finds mother after 40 years and finds that he is married to his brother,” reads a tweet by the Globo Radio. In another tweet, the Globo radio informs that despite being struck with the revelation, both siblings have decided to continue their marriage. After the revelation, the couple declared that only death can separate them. “All this happened because God wanted,” a Globo radio news report cites Adriana as saying. Adriana, who is a cosmetic saleswoman, was abandoned while she was one year old and Leandro, who is two years younger, is a truck driver. Only when he was eight years old, he realised that he was being brought by his step-mother and that the name of his real mother, who had abandoned him, was Maria.

The couple assumed that the fact that their mother`s name was same, was just a coincidence. Until on the radio show, Adriana`s mother told her that she had a son named Leandro. She is 39 years old and is cosmetics saleswoman at home. Leandro is 37 and works as a truck driver. Both were born in the same town and were abandoned by their mothers in infancy. According to the Globo Radio, Adriana suspects that her mother abandoned them because of mistreatment by her ex-husband.

“He hit women in front of me and even stabbed them,” says Adriana. Many news reports are considering it as a phenomenon of “Genetic Sexual Attraction” that occurs between estranged relatives when they meet for the first time as adults, not knowing they are related.

Source : PTI

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