Man stabs roommate over ‘bad mouth’ talk

Man stabs roommate over ‘bad mouth’ talk

Pakistani worker, AA, 23, allegedly premeditatedly attempted to kill his roommate over informing a third person about the abusive language that he had used against him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim, AK, 29, whose life was saved with prompt medical intervention, told investigators that, at around 6.20am, the accused came into the room and abused him.

“I asked him not to do it once again. A couple of days later, while I was preparing myself to go for work after the dawn prayer, AA entered the room and held me, asking me if I informed ‘Ali’ about his abusive language.. I did not know who ‘Ali’ was and I told him this. However, he took a knife that was in the room and pointed it at my neck, asking me to admit to telling Ali. I told him that I did not inform any person about that and as I turned to leave the room, he stabbed my arm followed by another stab in my back and ran away,” the victim said.

When the victim managed to get out of the room, a worker saw him and called for ambulance and the police.

FM, 40, Palestinian supervisor, told investigators that while he was standing in the accommodation’s yard at around 5.45am, he saw AK’s dress was stained with blood and that he was bleeding.

“I made him sit and tried to stop the bleeding and called for ambulance and the police. Other workers told me that AA had stabbed him,” said the supervisor.

The guard and other workers managed to catch the stabber and locked him up in the guard’s room.

Police arrived and arrested the accused who admitted to stabbing the victim, said a policeman.

Forensic reported that the stab was fatal as it went deep into the chest cavity and caused bleeding and other medical complications. The victim could have died because of the stab if he had not been provided with immediate surgical intervention.

The blade of the knife was stained with the victim’s blood, noted the Prosecution, which asked the court to impose the stiffest possible penalty on the accused.