Man in Vietnam faces fine for letting dog steer his motorbike

Man in Vietnam faces fine for letting dog steer his motorbike

A man in Vietnam faces a fine of up to US $ 320 for letting his dog steer his motorbike in an ‘extremely dangerous’ stunt. The pet was filmed steering the bike with his front paws while the owner sat behind him on the seat of the motorbike in Hanoi.

The bizarre incident occurred on a street in the Vietnamese capital city and a video was then uploaded online. The footage shows the man letting go of the handlebars to allow his pet to steer at pretty alarming speeds, reported.

The local traffic police have described the act as “extremely dangerous”.

“The act deserves harsh criticism and punishment,” said Nguyen Van Quy, an officer from Hanoi.

The man could face a fine of US $ 230-320 for “releasing both hands while driving a motorbike – which could increase because he also wasn’t wearing a helmet,” he said.

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