Man finds dog in the middle of the street and has sex with it

A MAN faces up to four years in jail after allegedly having sex with a DOG he found walking the streets.

Man finds dog in the middle of the street and has sex with it

TURKEY: Sick Hakan Yucel was spotted on CCTV walking up to the black and white pooch in a street in Istanbul, Turkey, before dropping his trousers and having sex with it. The dog, Nilayim, had wandered out of its owner’s garden and Yucel was apparently drunk at the time. He was eventually chased away by passers-by. Horrified Murat Safak, 33, said: “My girlfriend and I had gone for a romantic walk when we heard whimpering and grunting. “We then saw the most disgusting sight, of this man holding the dog by the back of its neck and having sex with it.

Police eventually tracked Yucel down and he initially denied having sex with the animal – but was forced to confess when they showed him footage of the abuse. Despite the shocking nature of his act, it looked like the 45-year-old would AVOID charges as there is no animal cruelty law in Turkey. But activists have now managed to get him charged with damaging property as the dog was owned by someone and was not a stray. Under Turkish law, killing or torturing animals is usually treated as a misdemeanour and is therefore not punishable with jail.

But the dog owner’s lawyer, Yasemin Babayigit, said: “We have managed to have him charged with immodest behaviour and damaging property as the dog named ‘Nilayım’ is not a stray. “I am delighted that we have managed to turn this into a criminal case although it is sad that animals are only protected based on whether or not they have an owner.” Yucel now faces a possible four years in jail.

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