Man fathers 3 kids with daughter over 16 years

Police discovered relationship in 2005 but let father off with a caution.

Man fathers 3 kids with daughter over 16 years

UK: In a horrific case of incestuous relationship, a man in the UK fathered three children with his own daughter during the course of a sexual relationship that continued over 16 years. The 57-year-old dad has been sentenced for 48 months after the court learnt about the relationship, reveals Daily Mail.

The father and daughter were separated and the girl believed her stepfather was her real father, till she met her biological father at the age of 14. The girl moved out of her stepfather’s home after some domestic trouble and the father and his teen daughter got involved into a sexual relationship.

The man had come under the police radar in 2005, but he was let off by the authorities with a warning, even though he had already had one child with his daughter and she was pregnant with his second child then. The judge said the police was unaware that the relationship continued to thrive.

The father came under the police radar and warned not to keep in touch with his daughter. However, the father-daughter duo had their third child in 2010. By 2012, the relationship had deteriorated to such an extent that the daughter filed a complaint against her dad for the first time.

The father defended himself by saying that the duo did not have the usual father-daughter bonding as they did not have any contact during her growing-up years and that could perhaps be responsible for the abnormal relationship.