Man ‘enjoys’ MASSAGE from huge python: PICTURES

A zoo is offering the deep muscle massage to those willing to make a donation to the organisation's running costs.

Man ‘enjoys’ MASSAGE from huge python: PICTURES

Philippines: If you are a little stressed out, what could be more relaxing than taking in a deep muscle massage… performed by a deadly giant snake. Visitors to Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines can enjoy the alternative massage, delivered by four large pythons who will be placed across your body. The treat will be on offer to those willing to make a donation which will go towards the running of the zoo. This massage is a serious business, with the snakes being five metres long, weighing a combined 250kg.

The snake massages have been on offer at the zoo before, and are back by popular demand. Zoo manager Giovanni Romarate said: “At first, visitors feel fear but most of the guests who try the snake massage say that they like it.” Would you be brave enough to try a snake massage?

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Source : PTI

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