Life on Mars? Fossil of crocodile-like creature spotted on Red Planet

Life on Mars? Fossil of crocodile-like creature spotted on Red Planet

Washington: A fossilised crocodile-like creature has been spotted on Mars, reaffirming the belief that there was once life on the red planet.

Mars Curiosity Rover , astronomer Joe White, 45, had noticed a lump of rock in the footage, which looked quite similar to a snout of a crocodile, the Daily Star reported.

The space video journalist from Bristol said that the object’s contours were similar to that of crocodile on earth, and since it was stiff, it was either fossilised or frozen.

The image was shot from the six-foot-high right hand side mast cam on the Curiosity Rover earlier this year, however, NASA hasn’t released any official statement about the martian reptile.

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