LG’s double-sided TV revealed (Video)

Lets you watch two programmes at once...

LG’s double-sided TV revealed (Video)

Korean tech firm LG, has just revealed its insane new two-sided telly, which allows you watch a couple of your favourite shows at the same time. Incredibly, they’ve managed to squeeze this double screen tech into a box just 5.3mm wide. Two sets have just been unveiled in Berlin, with a humongous 111-inch curved TV taking centre stage alongside a more manageable 55-inch set.

And the guys at tech website Pocket-lint, have taken this exclusive footage, below, which shows just how cool this technology is. Of course, unless you hang it in the middle of your living room, a double-sided TV might seem a bit pointless for consumers. And it appears LG are aiming this new technology at the commercial market.

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