Learner driver KILLS instructor after crashing into the sea

Learner driver KILLS instructor after crashing into the sea

Colombia: Only the female student survived after being dragged out of the rough waters by fast-acting police officers who were by chance nearby after the accident on the Colombian archipelago of San Andres.

Locals have commended the two men who risked their lives by jumping into the crashing waves tied to ropes to save the distraught young woman. Police officer Wilmar Castro told local media: “I dived straight into the water as soon as I arrived on scene, tied by a rope, to save the woman’s life.”

Ronald Parra, a passer-by who aided in the rescue, said: “We could see that the man was face down in the water and already dead, so we got the young girl out first as we could see she was luckily still alive.”

After this, the body of the male instructor was retrieved by the officers. The navy joined forces with the police officers to pull the battered official driving school car from the ocean.

The young woman, yet to be identified, is currently being treated in intensive care, but is in a stable condition.

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