Kim Kardashian Feared She Would Be Raped During Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian Feared She Would Be Raped During Paris Robbery

TV personality, actress and model Kim Kardashian was a victim of a robbery in Paris a few months ago at her apartment. On Sunday’s TV show of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the core topic was about the emotions that Kim had to go through during this heist in Paris.

The show saw all her family members explain the events of the night and the fears they had to face during the robbery. All of them faced the cameras at the show and shared their views.

However, it was Kim who had to explain her side of the story to the media. Reports suggest that the reality star went on to give chilling details of the robbery and revealed that at one point she thought they were going to rape and kill her.

Kim said, “He grabbed my legs and I had no clothes on under there. He pulled me towards him at the front of the bed and I thought, okay, this is the moment he’s going to rape me and I fully mentally prepped myself and he didn’t.”

The show then had her explain her numb feelings towards the end of the incident and about how long the incident had affected her.

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