Kenyan man offers Barack Obama 500 cows to marry his 16-year-old daughter Malia

Kenyan man offers Barack Obama 500 cows to marry his 16-year-old daughter Malia

Ole Kishau has offered 500 cows to the leader of the free world to take his daughter Malia’s hand in marriage. It is 10 times more than the offer of 50 cows put on the table by lawyer Felix Kiprono last month. New suitor Kishau, from Kenya, has reportedly even named Maasai Elders he would like to represent him in marriage negotiations.

The 24-year-old, from Narok county, said: “To prove that I’m serious, I will give her father 500 cattle and even more I am ready to send them to the US in the form of money. “She is very beautiful, nice and cute. I am not able to sleep at night, I love Malia Obama very much. I do not know good English but I know that I love her.

“I am old enough to have babies but she will know my age once we get married. I will give the family 500 cows and sell all my Maasai lands just to win her.” Kishau said he will wait until the president’s visit to Kenya next month to rally elders from his community to make the offer. He also reportedly labelled Kiprono a “joker” for only offering 50 cows. Kishau added: “I will be the happiest man in the world if the most powerful man in the world becomes my father-in-law.”

Source : PTI

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