Kardashian’s Robbery In Paris A Publicity Stunt?

Kardashian’s Robbery In Paris A Publicity Stunt?

Some are asking if this is Kim’s most audacious publicity stunt yet — a cruel suggestion, given that she was tied up at gunpoint in what must have been an incredibly distressing attack.

Yet as the catwalk shows that Kim was attending in Paris continued yesterday (indeed, it was at these very shows that Kim had intended to wear her favourite jewels), many fashion insiders have been discussing this.

The story was picked over, with some asserting that bathrooms cannot generally be locked from the outside, so how did this happen? And many found it hard to believe that her security team was absent or overpowered.

One fashion editor told The Hollywood Reporter, a respected industry magazine: ‘I am suspicious because I don’t think anything in her life happens that she hasn’t orchestrated. Where was the TV crew?’

Even her biographer, Sean Smith, said that he is intrigued by several aspects of the robbery.

‘I am extremely surprised,’ he said. ‘How or why she was on her own in a foreign city with all these jewels is just bananas. I do not understand it, especially as you see her bodyguard in pictures with her every day.’

Kim is usually pictured with Pascal Duvier, her head of security. He was with her until she left a dinner for fashion label Alaia at midnight on Sunday, and he then seems to have gone on to a nightclub with her sister Kourtney, looking after her until the early hours.

However, Duvier is in charge of a team of at least two others, sometimes more, who change depending on where Kim is. It would be unheard of for any celebrity in her position not to have close protection overnight in a foreign city.

Despite the evidently huge breach of security, it was Duvier who escorted her onto her private jet yesterday when she left France, meaning that he hasn’t been sacked over what happened.

‘Also,’ continues Smith, ‘I would imagine that aside from her ring, this jewellery would be mostly loaned, so again there would have to be security for it.

‘The story as we know it so far raises so many questions.’ Of course, Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to a PR stunt. Indeed, over the past few weeks, her pursuit of the spotlight has become ever-more outlandish. On a trip to Mexico with girlfriends, Kim posted two videos of her gyrating her mostly unclothed oiled-up derriere, and multiple pictures of herself in artfully sodden T-shirts.

Then, after several weeks of stepping out bra-less, she took her quest for headlines one step further and went out for dinner with her mother Kris and younger sister last week in see-through trousers — and no knickers.