Japan Floods: At Least 3 Dead, 23 Missing

Japan Floods: At Least 3 Dead, 23 Missing

Japanese officials issued a third emergency weather warning Friday morning as torrential rains associated with former Tropical Storm Etau shifted north after dumping unprecedented rainfall on parts of eastern Japan Wednesday and Thursday.

Japanese authorities continued efforts to rescue the stranded and find the missing after torrential rains associated with former Tropical Storm Etau dumped unprecedented rainfall on parts of eastern and northern Japan Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Three people are confirmed dead, 23 are reported missing, and 27 others have been injured due to the storm, which has flooded thousands of buildings, caused at least 99 landslides, and left several thousand people stranded.

Dramatic helicopter rescues unfolded on live television in Japan on Thursday as a flood-swollen river breached a levee, sending raging floodwaters into a neighborhood north of Tokyo and leaving dozens of residents trapped on the roofs or upper floors of their homes.

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