It takes three months to heal a broken heart, says scientists

It takes three months to heal a broken heart, says scientists

LONDON: Scientists have found that it takes around three months to get over a breakup. A study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that 11 weeks after experiencing a breakup, 71 per cent of participants were able to view their relationship in a positive light.

They agreed with positive statements, such as ‘I have learned a lot about myself’, ‘I have grown as a person’ and ‘I am more goal-oriented’. The study included an online survey of 1,404 university students between the ages of 18 and 25 who had experienced the termination of a significant relationship in the past 12 months, ‘Elite Daily’ reported.

Researchers found that the study results held true whether the person was the dumper or the dumpee. A previous study in the Psychological Science Journal found that our heart rates actually slow down when we’re unexpectedly rejected.

Neuroimaging studies have found that rejection, even by a stranger, activates similar regions in the brain when we experience physical pain.

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