ISIS lines up, kills at least 50 in Iraq

ISIS lines up, kills at least 50 in Iraq

BAGHDAD: Iraqi officials and Sunni tribal leaders say Islamic State group extremists have shot 50 tribesmen, women and children in the head, killing them. Sunday’s attack is the latest mass killing attributed to the militants in Iraq’s Anbar province.

Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud, a senior figure in the targeted Al Bu Nimr tribe, says the militant group killed 40 men, six women and four children, lining them up in in the village of Ras al-Maa, north of Ramadi, and then publicly killing them one by one. He says another 17 people were kidnapped by the militant group.

An official with the Anbar governor’s office corroborated the account, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to brief journalists.

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