ISIS kill 13 football fans for watching Iraq play Jordan on TV

The men were rounded up and shot dead with machine guns in the city of Mosul, which is under Islamic State's control.

ISIS kill 13 football fans for watching Iraq play Jordan on TV

slamic State (ISIS) killers butchered 13 football fans for tuning in to watch Iraq take on Jordan in the Asian Cup. The young men paid the highest price possible for their love of the game after they were machine gunned in an arena in the IS-controlled Iraqi city of Mosul. The teens were rounded up in the Yarmouk district after the match, played in in Australia last week, which Iraq won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Swindon Town striker Yaser Kasim, 23.

A report on the ‘Raqqa is being Silently Slaughtered web site’ told how they were executed as simply watching the game was said to be in contravention of religious laws. The firing squad killings were witnessed by dozens of local people as the boys’ ‘crimes’ were announced via a loudspeaker. The site said: “The bodies remained lying in the open and their parents were unable to withdraw them for fear of murder by terrorist organisation.”

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