ISIS claims car bomb attack on Russian military base

ISIS claims car bomb attack on Russian military base

The barbaric jihadist regime reportedly drove and detonated a car bomb at the Russian military headquarters in Southern Dagestan earlier today (September 2). It is understood people were killed in the attack and many are missing, according to Michael Horowitz, a security analyst at the Middle East-based risk consultancy group Levantine Group.

ISIS reportedly said it was responsibility for the attack, claiming Russian troops are deploying troops in Damascus to fight anti-Assad militants in Syria. Charlie Winter, a researcher on jihadism at the extremism think-tank Quilliam Foundation, said it is the first time the “Caucasus province” has claimed an attack through an official ISIS channel.

It comes just hours after ISIS blasts killed 20 people at a mosque in Sanaa in Yemen. A suicide bomber is understood to have blown himself up inside a mosque and a car bomb exploded outside as revenge over Shia rebels holding the capital. ISIS this week released a chilling new video via its Egyptian affiliate Williyat Sunnai showing its alleged military strength.

Source : Dailystar

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