ISIS barbarians throw ‘gay’ man off building (PICTURES)

ISIS barbarians throw 'gay' man off building in another sickening day in Jihadi capital of Raqqa...

ISIS barbarians throw ‘gay’ man off building (PICTURES)

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have thrown yet another young man to his death from a building after accusing him of being gay. Stomach-churning photographs show a large bloodthirsty crowd gathered at the foot of a multi-storey building in the group’s de facto capital Raqqa to watch the murder of the young victim. With the baying crowd clambering on to rooftops to get a better view of the savage scene, the blindfolded man is dragged to the roof of the tallest building in the neighbourhood by bearded militants, who use mobile phones to film him being barbarically thrown to his death.

The horrific murder is just the latest example of ISIS throwing men accused of being gay to their death. In December ISIS released their first images of the shocking punishment as part of a release that also showed men accused of rape being crucified and left for dead in the centre of Raqqa. Similar images emerged in January and early February of men being thrown from ‘the highest point in the city’ following accusations of homosexuality. In a horrific twist, both of these men somehow survived the fall but were then stoned to death by the crowds gathered below.

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Source : PTI

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