iPhone 6 users report misaligned front camera

iPhone 6 users report misaligned front camera

iPhone 6, a high-end handset from Apple, has been facing the brunt ever since its launch. After the Bendgate and Hairgate issues, iPhone 6 users are now complaining about the misaligned front camera.

Disappointed by Crescentgate issue, iPhone 6 users have posted a series of complaints on Reddit. BAnOpenMindedSkeptic, a iPhone 6 user on Reddit, stated that ‘My iPhone 6’s front facing camera is misaligned. There is a crescent visible on the right side of the hole. This also happened to my friend’s phone and also in the replacement model that the Apple Store gave him.’

Complaints about the iPhone 6 Crescentgate issue has gone viral all over the web, as other iPhone 6 users have claimed that they too are facing similar camera problems.

Meanwhile, spykeman1528, a user on Reddit, also claims to be an Apple Store employee, stated that Apple is willing to replace the display, along with the front-facing camera or just swap the device with a new one, all together. The Reddit post further mentions that Apple would prefer to replace the device only if the customer has backed up the data and if not, then they would swap the display unit with the camera.

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