Inside Paris theatre: First picture & Video

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Harrowing new photograph shows the aftermath inside the Bataclan theatre...

Inside Paris theatre: First picture & Video

A harrowing image has emerged from inside the Bataclan theatre where terrorists opened fire on concertgoers on Friday night – killing at least 89 people and injuring dozens, possibly hundreds, more. The photograph, taken in the wake of the attack, shows the blood stained interior of the concert hall where bodies remain lying on the ground and the floor is still covered in debris.

It comes as new footage shows the moment the members of U.S. rock band Eagles of Death Metal stop their performance midway through a song when the gunfire breaks out. Witnesses have described how the jihadists shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is great – started indiscriminately killing those who had crammed into the venue.

Video Shows Moment Of Mass Shooting Inside Bataclan Concert Hall

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