Indonesia plane crash: death toll rises to 141

Indonesia plane crash: death toll rises to 141

Indonesian military transport plane that careered into the side of a building in Medan on Tuesday has risen to 141.

Names of the 12 crew on board the C-130 Hercules plane have been released and authorities have confirmed that more than 100 passengers were also on board.

Search and rescue team resumed activities at the site on Wednesday morning and have confirmed that at least three people were killed on the ground, although that number is expected to rise.

The official numbers of people on the Hercules flight has fluctuated, with Indonesian air force spokesperson Dwi Bandarmanto confirming on Wednesday morning that 122 passengers, in addition to the 12 crew, had been on board.

“We had the list of the manifest and it was changing a lot. There was some children who were not named on the manifest, maybe five to eight children,” he explained.

The spokesperson said the majority of those on board were relatives of members of the military, but confirmed an investigation into whether the flight was also carrying paying passengers – which is prohibited – is underway.

Hitching rides on military planes to reach remote destinations is common in Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago that spans three time zones. It is also common practice for government officials and relatives of military servicemen to take military flights, with permission from the base commander.

The plane had reportedly travelled from the capital, Jakarta, and stopped at two locations before arriving at Medan.

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