Indian woman raped by Facebook friend

Indian woman raped by Facebook friend

INDIA, AJMER: Making friendship via Facebook proved costly to a 28-year-old woman as she was raped by a man who met her on the social networking site. The woman lodged a complaint and the police recorded her statement.

According to sources, the woman added a person, Shafi alias Shekhu, on her Facebook account and they started chatting. Shafi told the woman that he belonged to nearby Nagaur district and was living in Adarsh Nagar of the city and working in a private company. He also said that he is unmarried and enjoyed talking to the woman.

After a few months of chat, both exchanged their mobile number and start talking on WhatsApp. “Last week, Shafi dropped at my place when my family was out of the town. I received him as a friend and offered a cup of tea but when he came to know that I am alone, he raped me,” she told police.

The victim was terrorized and registered a complaint with the police. “We got the complaint from the district headquarters and started investigation. We recorded the statement of woman and took her for medical examination,” said Ramganj police.

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