Indian father arrested for trying to bury 10 year-old daughter alive

Father buried his ten-year-old daughter alive because he had always wanted a son and hated having a girl.

Indian father arrested for trying to bury 10 year-old daughter alive

An Indian father has been arrested for attempted murder after trying to bury his ten-year old daughter alive. Locals in Putia village, in Tripura, northeast India, alerted police that Abul Hussein was trying to bury his daughter in the backyard of his home. When police arrived at his home he had had tied his daughter’s hands with rope and taped her mouth before burying her up to her chest.

‘We rescued her and arrested Abul Hussein for attempted murder. He is now in judicial custody until his trial.’ After burying Ruskshena up to her waist her mother returned home but Hussein temporarily threw a bamboo basket over her head, intending to finish the job later. But his wife grew suspicious and called neighbours for help. She claimed she was already worried about her husband’s love for their daughter. When neighbours found Ruskshena buried Hussein was beaten before police arrived. Ruskshena was admitted into a local hospital after falling seriously ill on January 16 but was discharged after a few days. She is now back with her mother and is being protected by her mother’s relatives.

Source : PTI

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