Indian authorities forced us to burn 29000 tonnes of Maggi: Nestle chairman

Indian authorities forced us to burn 29000 tonnes of Maggi: Nestle chairman

ZURICH: Indian authorities have forced Nestle to burn 29,000 tonnes worth of food in a noodle health scare, chairman Peter Brabeck told a newspaper, dismissing the allegations as unfounded.

“Laboratories in the United States, Britain, Australia and Singapore did not find anything harmful in the noodles. Our products are safe for consumers,” he was quoted as saying by Swiss paper Handelszeitung in an advance summary of a story.

He said the Indian case was “not harmless and not to be underestimated.”

The government has filed a lawsuit against Nestle’s Indian unit, seeking Rs 640 crore in damages on behalf of consumers after the country’s worst packaged food scare in a decade.

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