India leads the world in blocking Facebook content

India leads the world in blocking Facebook content

Facebook restricted access to nearly 5,000 posts in India in the first six months of 2014, the highest for any country, following requests from government and others to act against ‘hate content’ on social media platforms.

India has the largest user base for Facebook outside the US with over 100 million users. Similar steps were taken in Turkey (1,893) and Pakistan (1,773) during the said period, Facebook said in its Government Requests Report.

“We restricted access in India to a number of pieces of content reported primarily by law enforcement officials and the India Computer Emergency Response Team under local laws prohibiting criticism of a religion or the state,” Facebook said in the report.

However, US leads the world in requesting for information for user data on Facebook. The social network informed that the US government made 15,433 requests for user data, the highest among 84 nations mentioned in the report. The Indian government was second with 4,559 requests on 5,958 users and accounts, followed by Germany with 2,537 user data requests. ​But US did not request Facebook for blocking any of the content, as per Facebook’s report.

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