INDIA: Groom stabbed to death at wedding by family

Mahankali Anil was killed outside the temple he was marrying his bride at in Thimmapur, central India...

INDIA: Groom stabbed to death at wedding by family

Mahankali Anil, 22, was dragged from a temple in Karimnagar, India, on Thursday and stabbed numerous times before having his throat cut, according to The Times of India. He had eloped with 18-year-old old H Mounika, but her family were not pleased and had reported her missing to the police.

There’s something a bit off about these cemetery bushes. The couple had apparently been in love for a long time.
Anil, who was also from Karimnagar, is said to have married her previously when she was a minor and decided to do it again when she turned 18, so it would be legal.

But when her family found out they allegedly tracked them down to the Taapala Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple and killed Anil. After he died, his attackers reportedly took H Mounika away. Police commissioner V B Kamalasan Reddy says they are looking for 10 male suspects in connection with the apparent honour killing.

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