Incredible: Woman sees her dead brother’s FACE on another man’s body for the first time (Pictures)

Incredible: Woman sees her dead brother’s FACE on another man’s body for the first time (Pictures)

This is the moment that a woman sees – and touches – the face of her dead brother on another person for the first time following a groundbreaking transplant. It’s a union that she finds overwhelming emotional.

The transplant took place thanks to the family of Joshua Aversano, 21, who was tragically killed in a car accident. They gave doctors permission to give his face to Richard Norris, who was horribly disfigured almost 18 years ago when he accidentally blew off most of his face with a shotgun. It was an operation that transformed his life.

  • Richard Norris accidentally blew off half his face with a shotgun in 1997
  • Rebekah Aversano’s family decided to donate her 21-year-old brother’s face for transplant after he died in a car accident
  • She has now met Mr Norris for first time and seen the transplanted face
  • The resemblance, including skin tone and bone structure, is ‘uncanny’
  • The 2012 surgery involved 150 doctors and nurses and took 36 hours
  • Richard had jawbones, teeth, tongue, muscles and nerves replaced



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