Incredible Pictures of abandoned plane that crashed 40 YEARS ago

These incredible shots were taken by drone photographer Eric Cheng who said: "I felt as if I were roaming around on alien landscapes".

Incredible Pictures of abandoned plane that crashed 40 YEARS ago

Lying on a black sandy beach in the south of Iceland, the wreckage of a crashed US Navy aircraft looks like something from a post-apocalyptic movie. Amazingly, the crew all survived the impact, when the Douglas Super DC-3 was forced to crash land on Sólheimasandur beach on November 24, 1973. But the plane was abandoned rather than recovered, meaning the weather-beaten remains are still standing at the crash site. These incredible shots of the aircraft were taken by Eric Cheng, 38, photographer and director of aerial imaging at drone manufacturer DJI, who visited with his wife Pam.

The exact reason for the crash is not known, although some sources suggest the plane simply ran out of fuel after the pilot switched to the wrong fuel tank. And even the date of the crash is shrouded in mystery – while the Aviation Safety Network reports that the DC-3 went down on Saturday, November 24, an Icelandic newspaper suggests the plane actually crashed on November 21. Despite sitting in the harsh, Icelandic environment for over 40 years, the plane’s shell is very well-preserved, although it is missing its tail and half of both wings, with rumours suggesting that a local farmer cashed in on the tail.

Icelandic-Plane (1)
Icelandic-Plane (2)
Icelandic-Plane (3)
Icelandic-Plane (4)

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